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2018 Mentoring Program Orientation

The WTS-OC Mentoring Program held an orientation event for the Mentee Class of 2018-19 on July 13. The event was hosted at HDR’s offices in Irvine and provided mentees with an opportunity to meet one another and learn how to make the most of the program.

Keynote speaker John Rohrer, the managing principal of HDR Construction Control Corporation, gave mentees a perspective on a career in civil engineering and transportation, along with tips and advice on how to choose your career in transportation, understanding the options with professional organizations, professional conduct and social media, and how to navigate and grow your career. In addition, mentees heard from a former mentee, Mary Haynes, on how she took advantage of the program and lessons learned. Afterwards, mentees played an ice-breaker Bingo game to get to know one another, begin networking and win prizes! The mentees walked away excited and prepared for the upcoming term.

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