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2021 Scholarship Reunion

We had a fun and informative reunion with some of our Scholarship Alumni at our WTS-OC Virtual Scholarship Alumni Event on July 21, 2021. It started with an icebreaker scavenger hunt that involved the students scrambling through their room/office space to find 19 items, and two were rewarded with WTS merchandise for gathering the most items on the list! Joined by WTS-OC President Margaret Novak, and WTS-OC Scholarship Committee Members, the students then shared updates from graduating college, working on their PhDs, and beginning internships within the industry. It was inspiring to hear, and to learn how WTS-OC helped them to accomplish their dreams in aerospace, transportation science, civil engineering, and business. The alumni also asked great questions regarding interviewing, cover letters, and resumes. Both students and industry members alike learned more about interviewing strategy, such as phrasing your responses and being prepared to ask the interviewers questions; cover letters, such as length and highlighting the firm’s values, and capturing your most applicable qualities on resumes.

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