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2021 Virtual Fundraiser

WTS Orange County's 2nd Annual Virtual Fundraiser was a huge success!


We mixed cocktails and mocktails with one of the most renowned bartenders/mixologists in all of OC, mingled with VIPs from some of the top agencies in Orange County and the Inland Empire (shout out to Ryan Chamberlain, Darrell Johnson, Anne Mayer, and Ray Wolfe) and connected with friends both old and new.


In addition, together, we raised significant funds for scholarships that we will award to some very deserving students in December. Cheers to you, WTS Orange County, for helping us achieve our monumental goal of being able to award $75,000 for student scholarships this year!


A huge thank you to The Fish Tank Capo, an incredible local venue that hosted our mixologist, Neil Skewes, and team as they mixed up some classic drinks and holiday specials. If you didn't catch the background behind Neil, it was a full bar scene projected onto the venue wall - so cool! Check them out for your next event...This warehouse-turned-creative flex space added so much character to our virtual event.


Last, but certainly not least, we think it's safe to say a trip to Starfish Laguna Beach is in order. Neil Skewes, named the Best Mixologist in Laguna Beach two years in a row, is mixing up some incredible cocktails paired with Asian Coastal Cuisine that we cannot wait to explore. When you see Neil, make sure to tell him you "met" at a WTS-OC event!

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