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WTS-OC Member Gains Skills to Improve Chapter While Giving Back


WTS-OC member Allison Jenney spent the day at Dale Junior High School in Anaheim to participate in the school’s Revisioning Day, and took home skills and exercises that could help make improvements to WTS-OC for years to come.


WTS-OC hosted the first three years of Girls Engineering Day at Dale Junior High School and the chapter was invited to participate as part of the school’s Community Partnerships and Engagement.


The day began with participants discussing where they see Dale Junior High School in 2024, and how they see the school today. They also looked at how they got to 2024 from 2019, and concluded the day with revisiting their initial future 2024 outlook to see if they can make any improvements after going through the second and third exercises.


These exercises were completed individually, and then shared with groups of five or six. The groups then shared with the rest of the participants, which totaled 140 students, faculty, parents and community members.


From there, participants narrowed down their individual top three items of importance, shared them with their groups and then created vision statements. Each group shared their vision statements, from which the Anaheim Union High School District will sort through to create its new vision statement, to be presented by April at an open house reveal.


Allison said that these exercises could be applied to WTS-OC to help the chapter create a vision for its future and can even help the chapter give back to current members and encourage new members to join. She said they can also help members and the board recognize the benefits of what members are receiving from the chapter and what corporate partners feel they’re contributing to the chapter.


Thanks for representing WTS-OC in this event, Allison!

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