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2019-20 Mentee Orientation

On July 12, 2019, the WTS-OC Mentoring Committee held its Mentoring Orientation event to kick-off the 2019-20 term at the HDR office in Irvine.

Twenty-six engaged and enthusiastic mentees were in attendance and the event was led by Anh Case from EXP and Juliet Su from TCA. Angie Kung from HDR introduced the key note speaker, Tina Cato, who also works at HDR. Tina spoke about mentorship and how taking ownership, maximizing your relationships and learning from your experiences will benefit your career.

June Duan from HDR shared lessons learned from her experience as a mentee, and Huey Yann from HDR led a fun ice-breaker. For the ice-breaker, teams of five or six mentees were asked to come up with and perform a 30-second infomercial. The informercials were very creative and entertaining.

The event was a great way to kick-start the new term and the Mentoring Committee is looking forward to another great year!

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