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WTS-OC Donation Funds Robots, Brain Games for 2nd Graders

Ms. Kristine Spencer, a second-grade teacher at Acacia Elementary School in Fullerton, was able to purchase six Dash robots and 10 brain games for her classroom with a $1,000 donation from WTS-OC.

In October, WTS-OC hosted its annual Student Art Program in Ms. Spencer’s class. The art program focuses on introducing elementary school students to transportation. Dr. Ray Wolfe, Executive Director at the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, kicked off the 2018 program with an interactive presentation to the students. The presentation was followed by an art project facilitated by WTS-OC members.

At the 2018 WTS-OC gala, art work created by Dr. Wolfe was auctioned off, which funded the donation to help Ms. Spencer purchase supplies for her classroom.

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