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Student Art Program 2018

The WTS-OC Student Art Program is a fun way to introduce elementary school students to transportation.

The program took place with 31 students in Ms. Spencer's second grade class at Acacia Elementary School in Fullerton. Dr. Ray Wolfe, Executive Director at the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA), kicked off the day with an interactive presentation to the students. The presentation was followed by an art project facilitated by WTS-OC members. Students traced different modes of transportation and made a mosaic by filling in the outlined shape with different shaped wood pieces that they colored. 


The art supplies needed for the project were provided by WTS-OC and the remaining supplies were left with Ms. Spencer to keep for her future projects. Photos from the program will be shown at the upcoming annual WTS-OC Awards and Scholarship Gala. At the Gala, art work created by Dr. Wolfe will be auctioned off and all proceeds from the auction will go back to Ms. Spencer's class to help provide supplies for students. 

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