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Mentoring Program

Holiday Event 2018

The WTS-OC Mentoring Program held a holiday group event on Dec. 14 at OCTA in Orange. The final Mentoring Program event of 2018 provided the program’s mentees and mentors an opportunity to connect with each other over lunch and a fun team-building exercise.


The event’s keynote speaker was Christina Byrne, OCTA’s Public Outreach Department Manager. Christina shared the top 10 ways she creatively collaborated with others throughout her career and how she steadily kept herself relevant. The audience was engaged with her presentation and found her talk to be very useful for career and personal development.


Following Christina’s talk, the attendees were split into teams of four and were given an undecorated gingerbread house, different types of decorative candy and plenty of icing. The groups were directed to create a themed gingerbread house in 45 minutes. Each group assigned a team member to present the gingerbread house to the rest of the attendees. This challenge was a great way to demonstrate and practice teamwork, communication and creativity skills. The judges went around to each table to observe the gingerbread construction and decoration.


The completed gingerbread house presentation was very exciting and entertaining. Gingerbread house ideas included a LEED Platinum certified house, a beach and surfing themed house, an OCTA/transit themed house and a Peanuts themed house. Each gingerbread house had its own creative and unique theme. Two prizes were given out: Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice, which was voted on by all event attendees. The event was a great way to wrap up the year and the Mentoring Committee is excited to continue the program into 2019.

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