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2018 High School Scholarship Recipients College Selections 

To encourage women pursuing careers in transportation, the Orange County chapter of WTS offers multiple graduate, undergraduate and high school scholarships to girls and women in Southern California. At the 2018 annual gala, WTS-OC awarded 11 scholarships totaling $51,500. To read more about the 2018 scholarship recipients, click here

WTS-OC is proud to share that our three 2018 High School Scholarship Recipients have chosen the following universities to continue their studies toward improving the future of transportation.

Jamie Chang

UC Berkeley

Jamie Chang_UC Berkeley.jpg

Tara Esfahani

UC Irvine

Tara Esfahani_UCI.png

Sabrina Luo



To apply for a 2019 scholarship, click here. Scholarship applications are due on Sept. 6, 2019.

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