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Women on the Move

WTS Orange County supports our Pacific West Region Council's latest initiative to shine a light on women in transportation and engineering who are making moves and making a difference! 

Across the west region, WTS is shining a light on these women who are navigating work, life, and family with grace and professionalism. Meet September's "women on the move" below, including a very familiar face... 


Juliet, we are honored to share your accomplishments with WTS on a national level! This recognition is well-deserved, and we are so lucky to have you as part of WTS-OC!​

PWRC WOTM_OC_Juliet.jpg
PWRC WOTM_Hawaii_Rooney.jpg
PWRC WOTM_Sacramento_Taylor.jpg
PWRC WOTM_Phoenix_Ritz.jpg
PWRC WOTM_LA_Christi.jpg
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